Stony Point Police Department

Animal Bite - Notice Of Ten (10) Day Confinement

Pursuant to the requirements of the Rockland County Department of Health:

 1. If your healthy dog, cat, ferret, or livestock is up to date on its rabies shots, it can be confined at your home for ten (10) days from the time of the bite.

 2. The animal must be kept in a manner that prevents it from escaping.

 3. Rockland County Health Department personnel must physically check on your animal during and at the end of the ten (10) day confinement period. You can reach the Health Department at (845) 364-2656 Monday through Friday 8:30AM until 5:00PM to make arrangements for this. If you do not contact the Health Department promptly, you will be contacted.

 4. If the animal dies or shows signs of rabies anytime during the ten (10) day period, the owner MUST IMMEDIATELY call the Rockland County Department of Health at the above number. Arrangements will be made to have the animal examined by a veterinarian or Health Department personnel. Possible signs of rabies are paralysis in the back legs, disorientation, changes in behavior, heavy drooling, etc.

 5. If the biting pet is unvaccinated or the rabies shots are not up to date at the time of the bite, then the pet must be kept at a veterinarian’s office, animal shelter, kennel or farm for the then (10) day confinement period at the pet owner’s expense (Hi-Tor Animal Shelter – (845) 354-7900).

 6. If you fail to comply with the above requirements you are subject to arrest and penalties for non-compliance which include a fine and/or imprisonment, in addition, your animal can be seized or destroyed.

Rockland County Department of Health

The Dr Robert L Yeager Health Center

50 Sanatorium Road Pomona, NY 10970