CVE- Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit

The Stony Point Police Department’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit (CVEU) was formed in June 1999.  The primary objective of the CVEU is to promote highway safety and reduce commercial vehicle related crashes and hazardous materials incidents by removing unsafe trucks, unsafe loads and unqualified drivers from the roadways throughout our Town. 

The CVEU is comprised of members of the uniform patrol who receive specialized training in state laws and federal regulations pertaining to commercial motor vehicles.  The unit conducts commercial vehicle inspections on all types of tractor trailers, dump trucks and other commercial vehicles that travel our roadways.  They inspect the weights of these vehicles by using scales, as well as inspecting the mechanics of the vehicles, such as brakes, air lines, frames and various equipment that is required to be carried.  

The CVEU works closely with the Motor Vehicle and Motor Carrier Inspectors of the New York State Department of Transportation, conducting safety inspections at road checks.  The New York State DOT Office of Modal Safety and Security Truck and Motor Carrier Safety is the lead agency.