Fingerprinting Service

The Stony Point Police Department, upon request, provides a fingerprinting service for our residents. Stony Point residents who need to have fingerprints taken should call 845-786-2422 and inquire as to the availability of an officer to have the prints taken. Residents are required to bring their own fingerprint cards and are reminded not to sign the cards prior to presenting them to the police officer for printing.

Residents having prints taken are also required to present, at the time of printing, acceptable photo identification such as a New York State drivers license.

The fee for the fingerprinting service for Town residents is $20.00 – $50.00 for Non Residents.  Personal check or United States Postal Service money order, made out to the Town of Stony Point, will be accepted as payment. Cash will not be accepted. If residents have any additional questions they may call 845-786-2422.

If you require electronic fingerprints for:

New York Dept of Health
New York Dept of State
New York Liquor Authority
New York Office of Children and Family Services
New York Dept of Financial Services
New York Record Review
New York Dept of Motor Vehicles
Various other State agencies

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